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Fossil Fuels Are Doomed

Fossil fuels are a thing of the past; or at least it should be, if you ask me. Why? Well, the burning of fossil fuels produce 21 billion tons of carbon dioxide per year, which is a greenhouse gas that contributes to the global warming. It also releases other pollutants into the atmosphere, such as nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide and different organic compounds. In short, the burning of fossil fuels heavily pollutes the environment making this planet inhospitable for future generations.

Fossil Fuels

Burning Of Fossil Fuels Causes Global Warming

Another problem with fossil fuels, which ironically also could be a solution to the environmental problems we face, is that they are non-renewable. It takes many million years for natural processes to reproduce the oil, coal and natural gas that we burn. This means that one day we will run out of fossil fuels, and lot sof people see this as a big problem. Well, big problem for our current unsustainable society, but possibly the best thing that has ever happened to us, if we want a world where we humans are at balance with nature.

The sooner we start to free ourself from fossil fuel dependence, the faster we can create a healthy planet where food and water are clean and people live more fulfilling lives. As always, I promote the use of slogans for informing people. They can be a powerful tool to get your message noticed and remembered.

Let’s work for a better future, for all of us! 🙂

A Glass Of Cold Water – The Best Drink Ever!

When the temperature is high and you are really really thirsty, nothing tastes as good as a large glass of ice-cold water. In fact, if I close my eyes and think of it, I get a smile on my face. 🙂 Coca-cola, whiskey and coffee are great drinks too, but they are not even close to a nice glass of water, IF you are really thirsty. And that’s why it is so sad to learn that one billion people don’t get to drink clean water. Democracy, education and clean water are the foundation of any successful society, at least if you ask me, so let us all fight to stop pollution and conserve water. One billion people will thank us if we succeed.

Since I love slogans, I thought I’d share a couple of good slogans on water conservation and pollution:

  • Walk In The Desert And You Will Realize The Cost Of Water!
  • Be The Solution To Water Pollution!

Apart from being essential to life on Earth, water can be pretty funny too. For example, in winter when it freezes to ice:

Can’t stop laughing at that guy! 😀

For more water pollution slogans, please visit Water Slogans. You will find a great collection of slogans on water. Enjoy!

Don’t Drink And Drive!

Road Safety Slogans

Road Safety Slogans Can Be Life Savers

Yes, the title is one of the best road safety slogans out there, and perhaps the most famous one. Sadly, this slogan never gets old. People are still driving their car after drinking alcohol. According to the WHO, more than a million people die each year because of traffic accidents, and alcohol are very often a contributing factor. If we are to reduce those numbers, alcohol needs to be removed from the roads. Not very easy to achieve, but certainly something that every government in the world should strive for.

Other reasons for road traffic accidents are badly designed and maintained roads, uneducated and nonchalant drivers, unsafe cars and not enough presence of the traffic police. All these things can be fixed, even though it’s a long way to go before no one dies in traffic. I know it’s an unrealistic goal, but in a way the only sensible goal one can have.

Another one of my favorite road safety slogans is:

  • Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow!

That slogan along with many more can be found at To learn more about road safety, please read this Wikipedia article. Stay safe!

How Do We Solve The Energy Problem?

The world is facing a huge problem. A growing population and an ever increasing desire for an extravagant western lifestyle is creating a rapidly growing demand for energy. An energy demand that will be hard to meet. If we simply ignored the environmental impacts, we could just build more nuclear plants and increase the efforts for extracting oil and natural gas. That would, of course, increase the already serious problem of pollution, but it would, at least for the next 50 years or so, solve the energy problem. But if we really would like to achieve a sustainable world with acceptable levels of pollution, we need to completely redo the infrastructure of our societies and the way we think.

To use fossil fueled vehicles for transportation is something we must minimize at once. A large part of those transportations could just as easily be made with trains, bicycles, by walking, having business meetings over the phone or internet, or perhaps to use the electric vehicles that are available on the market. Stop the laziness and think differently!

The best transporter of energy today is electricity. We need to invent a new clean way of generating electricity that causes none or very low levels of pollution. Nuclear fission, oil, coal and natural gas are all very bad alternatives. Wind energy and solar energy are better, but far from perfect. They can’t produce even close to enough electricity to meet the demand of the world. In addition, it takes a lot of raw material to  build all wind turbines and solar panels, thereby consuming energy and causing pollution. Not as bad as nuclear fission and fossil fuel, but not good enough. The best alternative we know of today is nuclear fusion. Although it is based on nuclear reactions, it is actually very clean, producing almost no hazardous waste. And the best part is that the raw material used in the process is normal sea water. Yes, that’s right! To learn more about the interesting field of nuclear fusion, read this Wikipedia article or view this great ten minutes long video clip:

If commercial nuclear fusion reactors never become a reality, let’s hope someone makes that great invention that totally transforms the playing field.

While we wait for nuclear fusion or that great invention, we need to conserve the energy we have and save electricity when we can. You probably know by now that I love slogans, and when it comes to energy and electricity it is no different. A good slogan really CAN make a difference. How about some save electricity slogans? Or some energy conservation slogans for every need?

Do you have any great ideas on how to solve the energy problem? Please, feel free to share them! 🙂

Do You Like Water Slogans As Much As I Do?

You and me wouldn’t be alive without the existence of water. No one else either. So, I guess I don’t have to explain the importance of water. 🙂 The problem is that pollution and wasting of clean drinking water is causing one billion (!) people to lack access to safe drinking water (Wikipedia). This, of course, needs to be changed since clean water is essential for both getting hydrated and keeping an acceptable hygien. Poor drinking water and a bad hygien cause people to get sick, and some even die.

To turn the trend and make people save water and do what they can to stop pollution of sea, lakes and rivers, water slogans can help. Especially in the areas where the level of education is low, and those areas seem to be pretty much the same as the ones that suffer from clean water shortages. So the use of slogans can be extra powerful at those places, but they are needed everywhere in the world.

Water Slogans

Water Slogans AND Taking Shorter Showers Will Help

This is one I really like:

  • Save Water. Save Life.

Simple and short, but no one can argue with the meaning of it. That’s the best kind of slogan.

If you would like to read more slogans on save water, how about these water conservation slogans? I think they are great, and definitely worth a read.

Although slogans are important, don’t forget to save water where you can. For instance, take shorter showers, use a bowl when rinsing your dishes, and only run your washing machine when it is full. Good luck!

Safety Slogans Can Save Your Life

Did you know that more than two million people die each year due to work related accidents and diseases? Yes, if you believe the World Health Organization, that is actually true! In many countries, mostly in the developing world, work and industrial safety is largely ignored. Laborers are cheap and easy to replace, and increasing safety costs money, and this tempts many companies to sacrifice safety (i.e. people) in order to earn extra income. Cynical and plain abominable.

Things are not much better in traffic. More than a million people die each year in road traffic accidents. If you are unlucky, you might meet crazy drivers like the guy in this video:

Although funny to watch, how funny would it be to scrape him off the road after he was hit by a truck?

Safety Slogans

Safety Slogans Can Make A Difference

As you probably understand, there are risks all around us. Some small, some big. The important thing is to reduce the big and really unnecessary risks we are exposed to. At work, in traffic, and even at home. In the western world, bad health is a major risk that very often can be significantly reduced by regular exercise and healthy foods (go to The Diet Expert for more information). This is where safety slogans can play a role. They are perfect for getting the message through to the public when demonstrating, debating or perhaps writing articles and fliers. Here are a couple of good safety slogans than could potentially save your life:

  • Better Safe Than Sorry!
  • Don’t Drink And Drive!

If you are interested in reading more slogans, for example some useful industrial safety slogans, be sure to visit Best Safety Slogans. A great website for all slogans related to safety.

Why Environmental Slogans Can Make A Difference


Environmental Slogans Can Save The Planet

Humans need a sound environment, but the environment does not need us humans. This fact  alone should be enough to wake us all up from the dream of extravagant lifestyles forever for everybody. Unfortunately, the majority of humans is not aware, or do not care, about pollution, recycling, overpopulation, global warming etcetera. This is where slogans come into the picture. A good slogan has the ability to catch the eye of the beholder, and make him or her to remember a very important fact or message. To do this, it has to be fairly short and concise, and preferably it should rhyme. And of course, the slogan has to be meaningful and sound good when you say it. An example of a good environmental slogan is:

  • Can You Hear The Eco?

It doesn’t rhyme, but instead it is poetic. This makes you think about the meaning of the slogan, which is good, because that means your brain has already begun to think about the environment and the problems we are facing. Mission accomplished! 🙂

Another way to create a good slogan on environment is to add a bit of humour, like in this one:

  • Get Off Your Ass, And Save Some Gas!

As you already understand, it addresses the fact that a lot of people take the car whenever and wherever they are going. Even when only going around the block. If we can get those lazy people to change their habits and thoughts on the environment, we will truly have come a long way.

For a large collection of important slogans on environment, please visit where you will find a ton of great slogans.

All the best! 🙂