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Safety Slogans Can Save Your Life

April 11, 2013

Did you know that more than two million people die each year due to work related accidents and diseases? Yes, if you believe the World Health Organization, that is actually true! In many countries, mostly in the developing world, work and industrial safety is largely ignored. Laborers are cheap and easy to replace, and increasing safety costs money, and this tempts many companies to sacrifice safety (i.e. people) in order to earn extra income. Cynical and plain abominable.

Things are not much better in traffic. More than a million people die each year in road traffic accidents. If you are unlucky, you might meet crazy drivers like the guy in this video:

Although funny to watch, how funny would it be to scrape him off the road after he was hit by a truck?

Safety Slogans

Safety Slogans Can Make A Difference

As you probably understand, there are risks all around us. Some small, some big. The important thing is to reduce the big and really unnecessary risks we are exposed to. At work, in traffic, and even at home. In the western world, bad health is a major risk that very often can be significantly reduced by regular exercise and healthy foods (go to The Diet Expert for more information). This is where safety slogans can play a role. They are perfect for getting the message through to the public when demonstrating, debating or perhaps writing articles and fliers. Here are a couple of good safety slogans than could potentially save your life:

  • Better Safe Than Sorry!
  • Don’t Drink And Drive!

If you are interested in reading more slogans, for example some useful industrial safety slogans, be sure to visit Best Safety Slogans. A great website for all slogans related to safety.


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