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Why Environmental Slogans Can Make A Difference

April 11, 2013

Environmental Slogans Can Save The Planet

Humans need a sound environment, but the environment does not need us humans. This fact  alone should be enough to wake us all up from the dream of extravagant lifestyles forever for everybody. Unfortunately, the majority of humans is not aware, or do not care, about pollution, recycling, overpopulation, global warming etcetera. This is where slogans come into the picture. A good slogan has the ability to catch the eye of the beholder, and make him or her to remember a very important fact or message. To do this, it has to be fairly short and concise, and preferably it should rhyme. And of course, the slogan has to be meaningful and sound good when you say it. An example of a good environmental slogan is:

  • Can You Hear The Eco?

It doesn’t rhyme, but instead it is poetic. This makes you think about the meaning of the slogan, which is good, because that means your brain has already begun to think about the environment and the problems we are facing. Mission accomplished! 🙂

Another way to create a good slogan on environment is to add a bit of humour, like in this one:

  • Get Off Your Ass, And Save Some Gas!

As you already understand, it addresses the fact that a lot of people take the car whenever and wherever they are going. Even when only going around the block. If we can get those lazy people to change their habits and thoughts on the environment, we will truly have come a long way.

For a large collection of important slogans on environment, please visit where you will find a ton of great slogans.

All the best! 🙂


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