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Do You Like Water Slogans As Much As I Do?

April 13, 2013

You and me wouldn’t be alive without the existence of water. No one else either. So, I guess I don’t have to explain the importance of water. 🙂 The problem is that pollution and wasting of clean drinking water is causing one billion (!) people to lack access to safe drinking water (Wikipedia). This, of course, needs to be changed since clean water is essential for both getting hydrated and keeping an acceptable hygien. Poor drinking water and a bad hygien cause people to get sick, and some even die.

To turn the trend and make people save water and do what they can to stop pollution of sea, lakes and rivers, water slogans can help. Especially in the areas where the level of education is low, and those areas seem to be pretty much the same as the ones that suffer from clean water shortages. So the use of slogans can be extra powerful at those places, but they are needed everywhere in the world.

Water Slogans

Water Slogans AND Taking Shorter Showers Will Help

This is one I really like:

  • Save Water. Save Life.

Simple and short, but no one can argue with the meaning of it. That’s the best kind of slogan.

If you would like to read more slogans on save water, how about these water conservation slogans? I think they are great, and definitely worth a read.

Although slogans are important, don’t forget to save water where you can. For instance, take shorter showers, use a bowl when rinsing your dishes, and only run your washing machine when it is full. Good luck!


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