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Don’t Drink And Drive!

April 14, 2013
Road Safety Slogans

Road Safety Slogans Can Be Life Savers

Yes, the title is one of the best road safety slogans out there, and perhaps the most famous one. Sadly, this slogan never gets old. People are still driving their car after drinking alcohol. According to the WHO, more than a million people die each year because of traffic accidents, and alcohol are very often a contributing factor. If we are to reduce those numbers, alcohol needs to be removed from the roads. Not very easy to achieve, but certainly something that every government in the world should strive for.

Other reasons for road traffic accidents are badly designed and maintained roads, uneducated and nonchalant drivers, unsafe cars and not enough presence of the traffic police. All these things can be fixed, even though it’s a long way to go before no one dies in traffic. I know it’s an unrealistic goal, but in a way the only sensible goal one can have.

Another one of my favorite road safety slogans is:

  • Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow!

That slogan along with many more can be found at To learn more about road safety, please read this Wikipedia article. Stay safe!


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