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How Do We Solve The Energy Problem?

April 14, 2013

The world is facing a huge problem. A growing population and an ever increasing desire for an extravagant western lifestyle is creating a rapidly growing demand for energy. An energy demand that will be hard to meet. If we simply ignored the environmental impacts, we could just build more nuclear plants and increase the efforts for extracting oil and natural gas. That would, of course, increase the already serious problem of pollution, but it would, at least for the next 50 years or so, solve the energy problem. But if we really would like to achieve a sustainable world with acceptable levels of pollution, we need to completely redo the infrastructure of our societies and the way we think.

To use fossil fueled vehicles for transportation is something we must minimize at once. A large part of those transportations could just as easily be made with trains, bicycles, by walking, having business meetings over the phone or internet, or perhaps to use the electric vehicles that are available on the market. Stop the laziness and think differently!

The best transporter of energy today is electricity. We need to invent a new clean way of generating electricity that causes none or very low levels of pollution. Nuclear fission, oil, coal and natural gas are all very bad alternatives. Wind energy and solar energy are better, but far from perfect. They can’t produce even close to enough electricity to meet the demand of the world. In addition, it takes a lot of raw material to  build all wind turbines and solar panels, thereby consuming energy and causing pollution. Not as bad as nuclear fission and fossil fuel, but not good enough. The best alternative we know of today is nuclear fusion. Although it is based on nuclear reactions, it is actually very clean, producing almost no hazardous waste. And the best part is that the raw material used in the process is normal sea water. Yes, that’s right! To learn more about the interesting field of nuclear fusion, read this Wikipedia article or view this great ten minutes long video clip:

If commercial nuclear fusion reactors never become a reality, let’s hope someone makes that great invention that totally transforms the playing field.

While we wait for nuclear fusion or that great invention, we need to conserve the energy we have and save electricity when we can. You probably know by now that I love slogans, and when it comes to energy and electricity it is no different. A good slogan really CAN make a difference. How about some save electricity slogans? Or some energy conservation slogans for every need?

Do you have any great ideas on how to solve the energy problem? Please, feel free to share them! 🙂


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