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Fossil Fuels Are Doomed

May 30, 2013

Fossil fuels are a thing of the past; or at least it should be, if you ask me. Why? Well, the burning of fossil fuels produce 21 billion tons of carbon dioxide per year, which is a greenhouse gas that contributes to the global warming. It also releases other pollutants into the atmosphere, such as nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide and different organic compounds. In short, the burning of fossil fuels heavily pollutes the environment making this planet inhospitable for future generations.

Fossil Fuels

Burning Of Fossil Fuels Causes Global Warming

Another problem with fossil fuels, which ironically also could be a solution to the environmental problems we face, is that they are non-renewable. It takes many million years for natural processes to reproduce the oil, coal and natural gas that we burn. This means that one day we will run out of fossil fuels, and lot sof people see this as a big problem. Well, big problem for our current unsustainable society, but possibly the best thing that has ever happened to us, if we want a world where we humans are at balance with nature.

The sooner we start to free ourself from fossil fuel dependence, the faster we can create a healthy planet where food and water are clean and people live more fulfilling lives. As always, I promote the use of slogans for informing people. They can be a powerful tool to get your message noticed and remembered.

Let’s work for a better future, for all of us! 🙂


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